Tom Arthur, MSP for Renfrewshire South, has today written to new Tory MP Paul Masterton after his election to the East Renfrewshire constituency.


Tom’s constituency shares a sizeable area with the new Tory, and he has been keen to seek out clarification on the new representative’s views, particularly in light of Theresa May’s desire to form a government with the support of the DUP.


The Tory politician has been asked to clarify his views on his party’s contentious policies, including the abhorrent rape clause, as well as his opinion on some of the DUP’s more extreme views which include blocking same-sex marriage and having previously given a senior environmental role in the Northern Ireland Executive to a climate change denier.


Speaking today, Tom said,


“I know what a great privilege it is to represent your constituents, and I wish Paul all the best in his new role.


“However, I have been saddened by the number of constituents who have come to me for assistance as a direct consequence of some of the Tories most damaging austerity policies, which have penalised the most vulnerable in society.


“I feel that it is important that those same constituents who have reached out to me know whether Paul will put their interests first at Westminster, or simply rubber stamp plans to continue with an extreme austerity agenda.


“Given that Paul is new to East Renfrewshire, I’d like to help him understand the challenges faced by some of the people I represent here.


“Kirsten Oswald was a real local champion who understood the area and its issues, and I can only hope that her successor will consider whether he would rather represent communities here, or simply be Theresa May’s yes man.”

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