Household bills for water in Scotland are more than 12% lower than in England and Wales – where the water industry was privatised by the Tory government.

The average annual household water charge in Scotland is £369, while the equivalent rate in England and Wales is £415. The figures, revealed by the SNP, also showed year-on-year increases are higher in England and Wales.

Water charges in England and Wales have risen above the cost of living – rising by 2.5% despite the latest CPI inflation indicator increasing by only 1.9%. Meanwhile, increases in water charges in Scotland sit below inflation at 1.7%.

Commenting on the issue, SNP MSP Tom Arthur said:

“Yet again we have more evidence of the Tory hypocrisy on tax. These latest figures on water bills further expose that hypocrisy and show what the public get with Tory policies.

“In contrast to their rhetoric, the facts show their policies are a greater burden on the cost of living for ordinary people.

“They also underline the SNP commitment to protecting household budgets – by keeping Scottish Water in public hands we’ve ensured that bills are consistently lower than the spiralling costs in the privatised industry in England and Wales. These figures show Scotland’s better off with the SNP.

“Not only are people in Scotland paying less, they are also benefitting from some of the highest-quality water in the world. In contrast, the Tories were only too eager to sell out the water industry south of the border to private corporations.

He added:

“The SNP remain resolutely committed to keeping this key public service in public hands and ensuring value for money for Scotland’s water consumers.”

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