Tom Arthur MSP has highlighted evidence published this week which shows that Scotland’s Deposit Return scheme will give industry, business and individuals in Renfrewshire South the opportunity to drive sustainable economic growth while reducing their impact on the environment.

Deposit Return encourages people to return to stores, increasing trade and creating jobs, and secures a new source of high quality material.

It is also expected to reduce the £46 million of public money spent each year on removing litter and flytipping, while the carbon savings are anticipated to be the equivalent to taking 85,500 cars off the road.

Commenting on the developments, Renfrewshire South MSP Tom Arthur said:

“Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme will not only be an effective way of increasing recycling rates and reducing litter, but also provide a major opportunity to secure a new source of high quality material, develop our recycling infrastructure and create jobs as part of our ambition to drive the circular economy.

“This is an opportunity for us all – industry, business and individuals – to transform our approach to production and use of raw materials, and consider the environmental impact of our actions as we continue on our journey towards becoming a net-zero society. It’s great to see further positives of the scheme published and I look forward to engaging constructively with businesses in Renfrewshire South as plans progress.”

Jill Farrell, Chief Operating Officer, Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“Putting a 20p deposit on bottles and cans places a value on the packaging and gives people an extra incentive to look after it. Because the glass, plastic and metals will be captured separately, the quality of the materials will be high, allowing them to be recycled over and over again.

“By turning bottles into more bottles, and cans into more cans, we can get the best economic return on our resources and reduce the damaging emissions that are contributing to the global climate emergency.”

Zero Waste Scotland are giving people the chance to spend the day exploring how their national campaigns – including Recycle for Scotland, Re-use, Food Waste Action Plan and Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme and Litter – work for them. The Climate Emergency Consumer Campaigns Workshop is taking place at Strathclyde Union, Glasgow on 12 August from 10am-3.30pm.


A detailed implementation plan for the scheme is being developed, supported by an Implementation Advisory Group which represents key stakeholders across industry, business and retail.

The Deposit Return Scheme’s Full Business Regulatory Impact Assessment, together with the Full Equality Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment: Post Adoption Statement are available on the Scottish Government website.

Climate Emergency – Consumer Campaigns Workshop Glasgow – 12th August – Strathclyde Union, Level 8, 90 John Street, Glasgow, G1 1JH 10am-3.30pm.

Free ticket for the event can be booked here.

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