Brexit has already cost the Scottish economy £3 billion, according to new analysis by the Fraser of Allander Institute.

The research institute also warned that Boris Johnson’s proposed deal is “one of the ‘hardest’ forms of Brexit” and would mean “considerable” long-term challenges for the Scottish economy.

Commenting, SNP MSP Tom Arthur said:

“Scotland is already paying a heavy price for Brexit, businesses are putting off investment and Boris Johnson’s damaging ‘deal’ fails to offer a solution.

“Tory plans will see tens of thousands of jobs lost, with the least well off hit the hardest – and the Tories have admitted that their deal would put Scotland at a competitive disadvantage compared to Northern Ireland.

“We need a way out of this mess – and a general election is an opportunity to boot Boris Johnson out of office and stop the Tories from saddling Scotland with their damaging plans.  

“It becomes increasingly clear that Scotland faces a clear choice of two futures: more chaos and economic self-harm with the Tories as we crash out of the EU, or seizing the opportunity to build a fairer, more prosperous country with the full powers of independence.”


Moving toward a deal, but long-term challenges just about to start: Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary

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