Glasgow Airport is in the early stages of its Airspace Change Programme and Renfrewshire South MSP Tom Arthur is encouraging his constituents to get involved in the upcoming consultation process.

The Programme forms part of a UK-wide initiative sponsored by the UK Government and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) known as the Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS).

Modernising the UK’s airspace will enable aircraft to fly more efficient, direct and reliable routes, resulting in a marked reduction in aviation’s emissions while accommodating expected passenger growth.

In 2018, the airport consulted on a set of proposed routes. Due to a change in rules during that process, the CAA requested that the airport undertakes the work again against a set of new guidelines. The feedback the airport received from local communities last year proved extremely valuable and will play a vital role in informing the next stage of plans.

The airport aims to launch a consultation in 2021 and over the coming months there will be an opportunity for local communities to get involved. Without approval from the CAA and until the Airspace Change Programme has been completed at the end of 2021, the airport will not, has not and cannot make any changes to its flightpaths.

Earlier this month, Mr Arthur met with Brian McClean of AGS Airports Limited for an update on how the programme is progressing and on opportunities for the local community to get involved.

Commenting, he said:

“Glasgow Airport is currently at the beginning of what will be an extensive and transparent process during which there will be numerous opportunities to participate and share their views.

“While the consultation itself is not set to begin until 2021, I encourage my constituents to register their interest ahead of time in order to stay up to date with developments as they progress.”

Brian McClean from AGS Airports, which owns and manages Glasgow Airport, said:

“The UK’s airspace was designed in the 1950s and is simply no longer fit for purpose. Glasgow, like all other airports, is now required to modernise its flight paths which will allow us to manage our ‘motorways in the sky’ much more efficiently and reduce emissions.

“It’s important local communities are fully involved in this modernisation process and whilst our consultation will not launch until 2021, people can register their interest by visiting We want to stress that no changes will be made until we have completed the consultation and considered the views of all those who take part in the process.”

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