Local SNP MSP Tom Arthur has praised the work and dedication of local community group, Auchenback Active.

On Wednesday (18 December), he asked Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government how the Scottish Government supports communities in tackling inequality, as well as to join him in commending the work of Auchenback Active, based at the Auchenback resource centre in Barrhead.

In her answer, the Cabinet Secretary highlighted various measures from the Scottish Government to tackle inequality. For example, in 2018, the Scottish Government invested over £1.4 billion on support directed at low-income families, including investment to deliver more affordable homes, tackle fuel poverty and support the Attainment Scotland Fund, as well as more than £100 million to mitigate the worst impacts of the UK Government’s welfare cuts.

In addition, the new £11.5 million Investing in Communities fund will provide vital support and investment to around 250 organisations to enable them to tackle poverty, inequality and rural disadvanted across our communities.

Going on to join Mr Arthur in commending Auchenback Active, the Cabinet Secretary said:

“Like Tom Arthur, I pay tribute to Auchenback Active for the work that it is clearly doing across its community and for its effort and endeavour. I wish that it did not have to make some of that effort; if only severe welfare cuts had not been imposed in too many of our communities, such work would not be necessary.

“The work of community-led organisations such as Auchenback Active is truly inspiring. They deliver tangible positive outcomes for local people, and I am happy to commend the good work that they do.”

Commenting, Renfrewshire South’s MSP said:

“The Auchenback Active group is a vital local resource that does a power of work to tackle inequality in our local community, including distributing Christmas presents so that children from across the area receive a gift over the festive period.

“I’d like to thank them for all the work they do all year round. I’m also delighted that the Cabinet Secretary has also accepted my invitation to visit the Auchenback Resource Centre next year to see the brilliant work first hand, and look forward to getting this arranged soon.”

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