Tom Arthur, MSP for Renfrewshire South, has today slammed the UK Tory Government for its shambolic and disrespectful decision to deliver their budget on 11th March.

With the Scottish budget dependent on forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) as well as figures from the block grant, this leaves the Scottish Government having to look at emergency measures.

Local councils are also due to set their budgets on this date – throwing up serious issues on funding for vital public services.

Commenting on the plans, Tom stated:

“The Tories in Westminster cancelled their pre-Christmas budget to call an election, and have chosen to delay their new budget in a move to frustrate devolved nations.

“In saying that they would provide ‘approximate figures’ for any settlement, they are showing the greatest disregard for our public services here which rely on detailed analysis and spending clarity.

“A Scottish budget cannot be set without knowing tax rates and thresholds for the rest of the UK along with detailed forecast analysis.

“This is a deeply worrying development that shows the Tory desire to undermine devolution and erode the power of the Scottish Parliament.

“It is clear that this concerted attempt to frustrate devolution shows that Scotland faces a choice: a diminished role in a Brexit Britain or as an independent country.”

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