Households in East Renfrewshire are paying on average £1,918 per year, making it the twelfth most expensive place in the UK for energy bills.

Out of 408 local authorities in Great Britain, East Renfrewshire came out as the 12th most expensive.

According to data from, households in East Renfrewshire are already paying 33.4% more than the price cap that is set to be introduced in October this year.

The data also shows that people across Scotland are paying more on their bills than compared to England and Wales.

Commenting Tom Arthur, SNP MSP for Renfrewshire South said: “People across Scotland, including in East Renfrewshire are paying the price for sky high energy bills, despite Scotland having an abundance of resources in oil and gas and renewables.

“Under Westminster control, the vast revenue from Scotland’s oil and gas industry has been squandered by UK governments for decades and now it is consumers in East Renfrewshire who are getting hammered with higher average energy bills, with bills here being the twelfth most expensive in Great Britain.

“This is also a result of the outrageous and expensive transmission charges that are charged in Scotland for companies to access the national grid here.

“The measures announced by the Chancellor last month – welcome though they were – will barely scratch the surface of the rocketing energy bills crippling households now and in the winter months to come.

“High fuel bills in East Renfrewshire and across Scotland lies squarely at the door of the Westminster government and shows why Scotland needs the full range of powers that will come with independence.”

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