Brexit has cost East Renfrewshire the equivalent of £38.8 million, as Scottish exports have plummeted since the UK left the EU to the value of £2.2bn.

Figures from HMRC show that exports have dropped 13% in the past two years from £16.7bn to £14.5bn.

The £2.2bn loss is equivalent to East Renfrewshire losing £38.8 million

Commenting, Tom Arthur said:

“Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for every area of Scotland, including in East Renfrewshire. These latest figures show why it is essential for Scotland to become independent and re-join the European Union.

“Only with independence can we get back on the road towards prosperity as both Labour and the Tories offer no way back to the European Union, just continuing decline under Westminster control.

“Industries in East Renfrewshire and across Scotland are suffering as a result of the disastrous Brexit, the only way Scotland can flourish and realise our full potential is by becoming an independent country in the European Union.”

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