Tom Arthur SNP MSP has highlighted public information and advice resources provided by the Scottish Government to assist residents of Renfrewshire South in preparing for and responding to weather emergencies.

The Scottish Government’s emergency planning website,, provides information and advice on issues associated with emergencies. There is also a Winter Resilience Communications strategy to keep people informed, enable life-saving action, and help to deliver the Winter Preparedness Plan.

The campaign has three overarching aims: to highlight the risks of specific severe weather conditions ahead of their arrival, recommending actions to minimise negative effects; to promote responsible behaviours during incidents; and to increase awareness of information, advice, and guidance on how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from these emergencies.

Commenting, Tom Arthur said:

“The Scottish Government makes available a wide range of resources for those in Renfrewshire South who are affected by weather emergencies.

“In the unfortunate event that households are impacted by severe weather, it is crucial that households are equipped with the necessary resources to protect themselves and others.

“I encourage Renfrewshire South’s residents to use the resources available and ensure they are equipped to deal with the challenges that accompany disruptive weather events.”

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