Tom Arthur, SNP MSP for Renfrewshire South, has welcomed new figures which show that 72,806 baby boxes have been delivered to support expectant parents across the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde area.

Over 292,000 baby boxes have been delivered to expectant parents across Scotland – providing them with around £420 worth of essential items for their newborn. 

The SNP is committed to supporting Scotland’s young people from birth to ensure that they have a secure and healthy start to life – a policy which is having a significant positive influence on the health outcomes of Scottish infants.

Commenting, SNP MSP Tom Arthur said:

“72,806 baby boxes have now been delivered to support expectant parents across Greater Glasgow & Clyde – providing a substantial £420 worth of items to support newborns from birth.

“Recent analysis has shown that the SNP-led Government’s approach to supporting infants and young people is having significantly positive health outcomes – and the baby box is helping contribute to that. It is also one of the actions from the Scottish Government which is ensuring that 100,000 children are lifted out of poverty this year.

“The SNP is committed to ensuring every child has the nurturing care they need to have the best start in life and to fulfil their potential as we continue to prioritise reducing levels of child poverty.”

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