Tom Arthur, SNP MSP for Renfrewshire South, has welcomed the Land Reform Bill as an opportunity to “radically transform landownership in Scotland” and empower the communities that it serves.

The bill, published today by the Scottish Government, will mean that local people are notified when large-scale landholdings are up for sale, and the sale of all land in rural Scotland over 1,000 acres will be subject to a transfer test.

If passed by the Scottish Parliament, it will mean that considerations like benefit to the community and aiding a just transition will be considered before the sale of a large-scale landholding is completed.

Commenting, Tom Arthur MSP said:

“This will radically transform landownership in Scotland and will empower Renfrewshire South’s community to play a critical part in the sale of large-scale landholdings.

“It is incumbent on those who own land of over 1,000 hectares to consider the benefit to their community and Scotland more broadly when stewarding land, and this bill formalises that responsibility.

“By empowering communities, the SNP Scottish Government is implementing meaningful reform which will ensure that Scotland’s land is once again owned by and utilised to the benefit of the Scottish people.

“As the party of land reform in this parliament, the SNP is determined to recognise and fulfil the rights and responsibilities in relation to Renfrewshire South’s land and I will work to ensure this bill becomes law.”

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